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‚ÄčPrime Country USA has been one of the fastest growing family of shows in radio since 2010.  Our three shows have a track record of success and are hosted by a true radio professional and excellent programmer.  John Stevens name rings out as one of the best of his generation.  Having headed local programming for one of the largest radio groups, before coming to Prime Country USA.

Our executive producer is Chris Birmingham.  Chris has one of the greatest music collections of all time.  His musical tastes are all over the board, but "Country Chris" is the nickname he prefers.  Chris put the pieces of the puzzle together each week and puts out a great finished product for our affiliates and our listeners! 

The Prime Country USA Family of Shows are about two things.  1. The Music.  2. Our listeners!  We want listener interaction.  If we do our job with excellent music selection, our listeners will stay engaged.  It is a two fold process that we take great pride in having done for the past five years!

Prime Country USA